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GSOW Handi-Transit Service
In the past the Regional Health Authority had operated the Handi-Transit Service for the Glenboro, Wawanesa and Area residents. With the regions growing larger for the Health Authorities, it was decided that local boards and committees should operate the Handi-Transit Services.
As of January 2007 the GSOW Handi-Transit Board has been operating the Handi Transit Service for the Municipalities of Glenboro South Cypress, Oakland-Wawanesa and Area. 
We operate three community transit vehicles, all of which are wheelchair accessible. These vehicles offer transportation year round for individuals or groups up to 15 passengers. 
Handi-Transit Fee Schedule
Board Members
Robert McDonald, Chairman
Ed Berry, Vice Chairman
Michelle Sowiak
Luella Outhwaite
Shirley McBurney
Juliette Vertz
Secretary Treasurer
Maureena McPhail
Office Phone Number (204)827-2252