Members of council were appointed to represent the following committees until October 27, 2022 term Citizen members until December 2022.


Legislative & Finance:                              Public Works & Transportation Services:

All members of Council                              All members of Council


Personnel & Policy:                                   Building Feasibility Ad Hoc Committee

Councillor Sowiak                                        Councillor McDonald

Councillor McGregor                                   Councillor Hargreaves

Councillor Hargreaves                                Councillor Hatch

                                                                        Councillor Cory


Wawanesa Valley Lodge:                        Wawanesa Museum:

Councillor McDonald                                  Citizen Neil Bok

Councillor McGregor                                   Councillor Sowiak

Citizen Ron Seafoot                                               


GSOW Handi Van:                                     Souris and District Vet Board:              

Councillor Sowiak                                        Councillor Cory

Councillor McDonald                                             


Souris River Recreation & Wawanesa and District Recreation:

Citizen Cody Moore and Councillor McGregor


Assiniboine Delta Aquifer Management Advisory Board

Councillor Hargreaves


Central Assiniboine Watershed District: 

Little Souris Subdistrict: Citizens Jeff Elder and

Oak Creek Subdistrict:     Councillor Hatch

Souris River Subdistrict: Citizens Mike Fisher and Bryce Fisher


Weed Supervisor:

Councillor Hatch


Wawanesa Hydro Generation Ad Hoc Committee:


Councillor Cory and Councillor McGregor