Oakland-Wawanesa has various organizations and community groups in which you can get involved with.
Most of these organizations benefit the community by helping to support both the residents and the community itself.

Do you represent an organization that’s not listed below, or just looking for more information in genreal? You can contact the Municipal Office at 204-824-2666 or 204-824-2244.

Organization                          Contact Phone           NumberEmail Address

Alcoholics Anonymous              Carl G.                         204-824-2401
Community Development         Darcy Wilton                 204-824-2343
Community in Bloom               Mavis Brown                 204-824-2413
Community Found                   Bruce Gullett                204-824-2313
Curling Club                            Trent Cullen                 204-824-2313
Skating Club Rec Comm           Dustin Brown               204-724-3988                                                  

Game & Fish                           S.Cory T. Sowiak    204-824-2414/ 204-824-4442
Hall Board                              Kevin Moore                 204-824-2098
Hope Rebekah Lodge               Bev Daymond              204-824-2429
Katie’s Cottage                                                

Lioness Club                            Melanie Lane                204-824-2448
Lions Club                               Jaye Smale                   204-824-2722
Minor Sports                            Derrick Shearer            204-824-2764
Museum Board                         Margaret Brown            204-724-6389

New Horizons Board                 Shirley Patterson          204-824-2302
Wawanesa Waterpark               Dustin Brown               204-724-3988
Rifle Club                                 Brian Rice                   204-824-2125
Rink Board                             
Dustin Brown                    204-724-3988                

School Sports                           Brent Hauser      

Seniors Independent Services    Shirley McBurney          204-824-2369
Tri Lake Trail Busters                 Kelly Martin                  204-824-2236
UCW                                        Margaret Brown            204-824-2766
Baseball Diamonds
Riverbend Park
c/o Recreation Commission       Dustin Brown                204-724-3988

Wawanesa & Area                    Muriel Boake                 204-824-2092

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